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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

AHA Lobbyist Needs Your Help!

My name is Rachel Callanan. I am the American Heart Association Senior Advocacy Director in Minnesota. During the legislative session I spend most of my time at the capitol speaking directly with legislators about our bills, like the physical education bill. I am committed to fighting for laws that prevent heart disease and stroke across Minnesota. But I need your help! Every day legislators tell me they need to hear from their voters.

Tell your legislator you support the prevention of heart disease and stroke - through strong phy ed programs, state funding, tobacco tax and efforts aimed at women.

I am going to have a tough year at the capitol. The economy is on everyone's mind and we need to demonstrate how prevention programs are good for Minnesotans' physical *and* financial health. I need your commitment to help me convince legislators about the importance of these programs. Can I count on you?

Thanks for being an American Heart Association advocate! Together we can improve the health of our state!

Rachel Callanan, JD
Senior Advocacy Director

P.S. Will I see you at Heart on the Hill? Register today!

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