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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Senate Includes Phy Ed In Education Bill!

Because of letters from advocates like you, the full Senate showed its commitment to healthier and smarter kids by including stronger physical education in the Senate Education Omnibus bill! The Senate’s version of the Education Omnibus bill includes policies that will create statewide standards for physical education and reinstate a half credit physical education graduation requirement.

Thank your Senator for supporting stronger phy ed!

Next steps: The House Education Finance committee is still deciding whether to include policies that strengthen physical education in their education omnibus bill. Right now, they most likely will *not* include stronger phy ed. Have you asked your Representative to lobby the the House K-12 Finance committee members to ensure stronger physical education moves forward?

Because the Senate and House Education bills will be different, a conference committee that includes House and Senate members will decide what policies will be included in the final education omnibus bill. Stay tuned for an opportunity to contact the conference committee members to urge them to include stronger phy ed in the final bill in a couple weeks!

Your letters to your legislators matter and work! Thanks for all your help!

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