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Friday, March 26, 2010

Snip it, Clip it, and Mail it!

The American Heart Association is going to be featured in an advertisement in THIS SUNDAY's Star Tribune on March 28, 2010. Pictured left, the ad emphasizes the need for physical education in Minnesota schools.


So, we're asking you to Snip it, Clip it, and Mail it!

Snip it: If you get the Sunday edition of the Star Tribune, cut the ad out.

Clip it: Write a note to your State House Representative letting them know you're a constituent who care's about PE in schools and paperclip it to the ad.

Tell your State Representative in the MN House of Representatives:

"Support the Smart & Healthy Kids Bill (HF3115/SF2753) because kids who are fit and active do better at school."

Mail it: Mail your note and the ad to your Representative. Call (651) 296-2146 or 1 (800) 657-3550 OR follow the link below to find your Representative’s Address:

BE COUNTED! Click Here if You Completed This Activity.

The Smart & Healthy Kids bill (HF 3115/SF2753) will make Minnesota a better place for our kids to live and grow. Learn more about the bill here

*Don't Forget to Register for our Minnesota Heart on the Hill Event to further protect Minnesota Kids at

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