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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Urgent Action Needed: 12 Days Left for Governor Pawlenty to Sign PE Bill

The governor has up to 14 days to sign a bill from the date it was presented to him. As you know, our PE Bill passed 2 days ago and was presented to Governor Pawlenty on May 18th. So it's Day 2 of the countdown. Without his signature, the bill will not become law!

So we need YOUR help more than ever to urge the Governor to sign our PE bill into law! Help us urge Governor Pawlenty to sign our bill into law!

Follow the link below to ask Governor Pawlenty to sign our Healthy Kids/PE Bill:
Sign the Healthy Kids Bill

The Healthy Kids/PE bill includes:
-Statewide PE standards that will be phased in by school districts as they do their curriculum review;
-Posting school wellness policies on school district web sites to promote local discussion about healthier schools;
-Direction to MN Dept. of Ed. to develop quality recess guidelines that schools may adopt;
-Direction to MN Dept. of Ed. to begin tracking the amount and quality of PE offered in the schools;
-The creation of a Healthy Kids Awards program that would encourage schools to help their kids get the recommended 60 minutes/day of physical activity and recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.

Sign the Healthy Kids Bill

Thank you for your support on this important health issue.

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