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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Did You Eat for Lunch Today? START! Eating Healthy Day - November 3, 2010

Heart disease directly or indirectly affects everyone in this country — your neighbors, your loved ones, you. Beating the No. 1 killer of Americans — heart disease — doesn’t have to mean radical fad diets and crazy exercise trends that are only temporary fixes. A long life of heart health is about taking small steps each day to change how you eat and live. As those small steps add up, one day you will realize you’ve changed your life — and perhaps the lives of those you love — for the better.

The American Heart Association has started a new campaign to encourage good health called Start! Eating Healthy Day on November 3, 2010. The American Heart Association encourages everyone to choose a variety of healthy foods (in the right amounts of course) in order to cut down on heart disease. There's also tips for businesses who want to help their employees to improve their heart health.

Learn more about Eating Right here and follow the link below for some great resources to share with friends and family:

Resources for National START! Eating Healthy Day

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