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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tell Your Legislators to Fully Fund the SHIP Program for a Healthier Minnesota

Earlier this year, Governor Dayton committed to funding Minnesota’s Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP), keeping the vision for a healthier Minnesota. Now, it is time to tell your state legislators to do the same!

Tell Your Legislators to Fully Fund SHIP for a Healthier Minnesota

Minnesota is a leader in focusing on prevention efforts through legislation that passed in 2008. The Minnesota Legislature and Governor Pawlenty started SHIP in 2008; a program that promised to bring down health care costs by addressing obesity and tobacco use. By addressing these two primary preventable risk factors for heart disease, Minnesota could see a 3.8% decrease in health care costs by 2015 through the full implementation of SHIP. Who wouldn’t want to see health care costs go down by almost $2 billion by 2015?

The program is up and running in every county in the state and nine of Minnesota’s tribal governments promoting physical activity and access to healthier food in workplaces, schools and communities, and reducing tobacco use. But this program is in jeopardy. Please take one minute to help us keep this program going by following the link below to send your legislators a letter urging them to fully fund SHIP.

Tell Your Legislators to Fully Fund SHIP for a Healthier Minnesota

Your action today will ensure that many more Minnesotans live longer and healthier lives, children have a healthier start at life, and healthier food choices and opportunities for physical activity are available to every person in our communities.

Thank you for your continued support on this very important issue!

Follow this link to see what SHIP is doing in your community!

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