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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One in Six

Did you know? Saturday, Oct. 29, is World Stroke Day. The American Stroke Association has joined other international organizations to urge people globally to “Act Now” to reduce the threat of stroke.

The day’s theme —One in Six: Act Now! — highlights the reality that one of every six people worldwide has a stroke. Stroke is the second-leading cause of death in the world behind heart disease. In the United States, someone suffers a stroke every 40 seconds, and someone dies of one every three to four minutes.

Here’s how you can Act Now on World Stroke Day:

Send a message to your legislators to make sure they are supporting policies that reduce the threat of stroke.

Then take the World Stroke Organization’s six challenges to lower stroke risk:
1. Know the risk factors for stroke— high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high blood cholesterol — and keep them in a healthy range.
2. Be physically active.
3. Eat a healthy diet.
4. Limit alcohol consumption.
5. Avoid cigarette smoke. If you smoke, seek help to stop now.
6. Learn to recognize the warning signs of a stroke and how to take action.

Explore other ways you can Act Now by using American Heart Association and American Stroke Association tools and resources:

Learn your stroke risk
Learn the warning signs of stroke and TIA

Track and control your No. 1 modifiable stroke risk factor: High Blood Pressure
Online tracker
Printable tracker
High Blood Pressure Risk Calculator

Take your medicine
Live a healthy lifestyle
Make a new life resolution
Join or start a stroke support group

Make sure you share these resources with your legislators on celebration of World Stroke Day!

Thank you for building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

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